Saturday, September 22, 2007

Josh Beckett and RSN Breathe a Collective CY of Relief

(photo courtesy of Lodigs)
Magic Number to Clinch the Division: 7
Magic Number to Clinch a Playoff Spot: 2

Finally - so much good news to report!

Josh Beckett & Cy Young - I really have to believe that last night's performance clinched the Cy Young award for Josh Beckett (although nothing is ever certain with this Red Sox team). Beckett became the major's first 20 game winner since 2005. From an article on
By the time Beckett got to his locker postgame, there were two bottles of Dom Perignon waiting for him. One was from clubhouse attendant Joe Cochran. The other was from right-hander Curt Schilling.
Jacoby Ellsbury is a horse, dude - Sorry Cinco Ocho, I had to borrow your line. Ellsbury continues to dominate. I have had the pleasure to see this rookie sensation play on the Cape League, in Lowell and Finally in a Boston Red Sox uniform. I had to catch the replay of this catch on Sports Center this morning and I'm glad I did.

This play was voted the top play on Sports Center.

David Ortiz - He didn't disappoint, again....Big Papi started against the left-hander Kazmir when he would usually have a night off. He did this because he KNEW the importance of this win. Not just for Beckett, but for the Red Sox and well...with Manny and Youk out our lineup is a lot weaker. He played on a bad knee, with a sore shoulder and he did it going 3-5 with a homer. This guy is clutch (as if we didn't already know that). Let's just pray he makes it through the playoffs.

Brian Bruney is my favorite Yankees Player - So maybe I didn't know who the heck he was when I saw him practicing in the bullpen last Sunday, but he's made his name known with me.

Brian Bruney
Brian Bruney

He gave up a single homer to Gregg Zaun in the 14th to lose the game for the Yankees. They are now 2 1/2 games behind the Sox in the division race with 9 games left to play (8 games left for the Sox).

Sha Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye Barry - The Giants made it official, they are not interested in having Bonds back for a 16th Season. He, however, is still on the quest for a Championship Ring....since his defense is lacking it is only logical that if this is to happen he needs to play for an American League team. Sorry Barry, no room for a DH on our team. Wouldn't it be great for him not to get a job? I mean, I think he'll get one, but we can dream right?

On to today...
Dice K is just 1-3 against Tampa Bay this season, with both of his losses coming AT Tampa Bay. Let's hope the team can pull it together today...LETS GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Peter N said...

I LOVE that title! GO SOX!!! And thanks for stopping at my place......Daisuke!!!!!

Middle Relief said...

If CC wins 20, I think he'll get the nod over Beckett (the writers have a bias against anyone from Boston or NY)

s1c said...

Another strong outing by Josh and the Cy is his!

Lets go sox