Friday, September 14, 2007

Okie Dokey - Cinco Ocho is NOT a Horse, Dude.

In the 7th inning we were beating the Yankees 7-2.
I fall asleep for 15 minutes.
I wake up. Yankees are beating the Sox 8-7.
I can't even see the freakin' replay b/c the TIVO stopped recording at 11 PM.
So much for our lights out bullpen.
Dice K did what he needed to do and then this....
and with GagME warming....
I am going to be Debbie Downer and go to bed.
I'll be a more optimistic Sox fan *snort* tomorrow.


Peter N said...

I fell asleep after it was 7-2...I put the radio on because I KNEW I was sleepy, and I happened to wake up for the start of the 8th. I can't tell you when sleep overcame me after that. Have faith! Always. Have a great weekend.

But sometimes, it's tough!!!!!!!!!!! For both of us.

s1c said...

Your tivo stopped!

Ugh, is right I also missed the 8th because when I got to the second job NESN was not working so had to reset the dish etc. By the time I got NESN back the inning was freaking over. Fragging yankees, fragging Sox.