Saturday, September 29, 2007

Papelbons Pants off, Dance off - Red Sox 2007 AL Division Champs!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Lucky Number 33 from Respect the Tek for my headline.

Yes, indeed I did see Papelbon dance an Irish Jig in his undershorts. In case you missed it:


I haven't written sooner b/c I was relishing the moment...because that's all I really got to experience. If you can believe if, I didn't see the Sox or the O's game last night. I was in the car, 20 minutes from home when I got the call that our Boston Red Sox were the Champs! We rushed home to watch what we could of the post-game celebration. It was a very happy, teary, magical moment. Watching the Sox* celebrate will NEVER get old.

I still can't find words to describe the happiness. I do know that VERY soon I will be writing an email to ESPN shaming them for pre-maturely calling the Yankees division champs. I will encourage you to follow suit (,,

It's unfortunate Millar struck out, because it would have been so appropriate for him the one to have won the Game for the O's and help the Sox clinch the Championship...but it was Melvin Mora to the resuce.

Another unfortunate thing? We didn't get to see Manny, Yo-Yo Tavarez, or Drew at the celebration. I guess they most have left? Almost as unfortunate to me is that they interviewed Eric GagME during the celebration and not Jacoby Ellsbury, but who am I to complain?

*Papelbon wins, hands down, the "best of" celebration award. He's a crazy-mo fo and I love it.

(first photo is a NESN screenshot, the rest are courtesy of the AP)


dragonfli said...

OMG..........That was so funny. I am still ROFLMAO....he really does have talent!


Anonymous said...

whose the band that papelbon dnces to???

Soxy Lady said...

It's Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys