Wednesday, August 29, 2007

David Ortiz is the face of MLB

..well not yet, but he should be. He made it as the face of the Red Sox, but now ESPN wants you rank the face of each franchise in baseball and determine who best represents the entire sport.

Right now Papi is in 3rd ranked behind Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols. I can't disagree - those two guys are amazing but as a proud member of RSN I want to see Papi in the first position! So I'm not (maybe subtly) suggestion you rank those other guys lower and Papi higher to help his cause, but vote and vote how you feel the rankings really are.

However, I beg of you - please rank Barry Bonds last. I mean seriously. Can you imagine if he's voted as the face of the MLB? How wrong would that be? As it is, he's ranked third! SICK!


s1c said...

done and done

Anonymous said...

GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!