Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Sox vs. Yankees 8-28-07

Don't believe it until you see it, but I'm considering live blogging during this game. There won't be a play by play, but I'm sure I'll have plenty to say so why not say it?

Why does NESN have a countdown clock on the bottom right hand corner of the screen showing how long it is unitl the first pitch? This isn't a playoff game - we're 8 games ahead for goodness sake...no countdown clock is needed. Seriously. Did anyone else see this? It's gone now, but it made a brief appearance. Thanks to the power of Tivo and a digital camera, I can prove it.

Who cares that I had a countdown earlier today (see earlier post) - I'm not NESN. I think they went a little overboard. I, as always, am completely in line.

What were all of those chants in the first? I didn't understand? It did sound like one of them was 'Papi sucks' which isn't cool.

Why can't Bobby Abreu keep his gum in his mouth?

AND WTF Dice-K just hit ARod, which I would normally cheer....but not to load the bases in the first. This is not the start I wanted. This is not the start that I have been excited about all day. This is exactly the type of start that makes me want to turn my television off and do something horrible like....laundry or vacuum just to not think about things. 2-0 Yankees at the end of the first.

Manny's homerun was awesome in the 2nd and Lugo's triple in the 3rd was pretty sweet too. Thanks to a SH by BIG Papi the game is now tied 2-2 going into the bottom of the third. Back to ground zero.

Dear DiceK,
Why do you wiggle your butt like that before every pitch? Just wondering.

God Bless Jason Varitek
Man that I love
With his big hands, and strong legs
And his pants fit his @ss like a glove....
(to the tune of God Bless America)

Well I was holding off on writing after ARod's Homerun but I'm back. Captain O' Captain Tek just tied the game 3-3 after a homer.

Demon got a 2 run homerun and we had two men on base and Drew struck out. Again. Man, I WANT to like you JD - I really do. But this just sucks. So what do I do? I turned off the game to watch LA Ink. Sorry. I can't stand it....even though we can still come back an we still have a killer lead.

Night all....

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