Monday, August 13, 2007

Eric Gagne is Kind of Creepy

What's this? A Two-fer today?


As much as I haven't been blogging, I haven't been reading my favorite sports blogs and I just came across this post from Beth at Cursed to First.

I have to point it out b/c earlier today I thought it was strange that Gagne named his daughter Bluu. But honestly, this takes the cake:

...I genuinely like Eric Gagne. Even though he once told Sports Illustrated that he loves Angelina Jolie so much he named his son Maddox after her son because he thought it was a cool name*.

*And not, as people usually assume, after Greg Maddux. I guess this creeps me out because they're both famous. It isn't like some regular guy having a celebrity crush (although the naming-the-kid thing is still a little weird). In my mind, I guess it's like all famous people know each other, and Eric Gagne might run into Brad in the celebrity supermarket sometime and things will be weird.

And as a side note, yes I will hopefully come back and praise the ground that GAGne walks on before the season is over. As of right now, not so much.

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