Monday, August 27, 2007

Chi Sox Slaughtering

To say we slaughtered the Chi Sox might be a little disrespectful, but hell, we did. We've scored at least 10 runs over the past four games and that = awesome. I actually didn't get to watch any games this weekend, but lets not talk about that or I'll get upset all over again.

I'm feeling better about the scoring frenzy the Stankees were on a few weeks back. Especially now that they're 7.5 games back. Worst case scenario they'll be 7 games back as we head into the three game series tomorrow in the Bronx. To be honest, and I almost can't believe I'm saying this...I hope they win tonight over Detroit. I don't want them coming into our series on a losing streak.

Anyway - nothing insightful and I know I've been a little quiet. A lot of stuff going on in the "outside world" that I've been dealing with. No fear, I'm still here.

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Peter N said...

No fear, I'm here to read you! I hope your summer has been great as we approach first pitch, in about 12 hours, at Yankee Stadium. I am FULL of faith!!!!!!