Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Are the (ALDS) Champions!

I can't wait to watch the game again on TIVO, listen to interviews and just soak it all in some more.

Here are some pictures I took of the celebration. I didn't have my camera on the correct setting (d'oh - I'm TRYING not to be upset that they are all blurry) they'll just have to do! The party was "subdued" on the field - not at all like previous ones we've all seen on TV ;o)

Make sure to Vote for the Cape Cod League Alumni Player of the Game!

P.S. Why oh WHY are some of the players wearing Crocs? Yeah, I'm talking about you Drew and Timlin!!!


Lisa said...

about the crocs - yeah, that's just wrong...unless they're sox crox, then I guess it's somewhat acceptable

Digium Bill said...

Awesome Pictures!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing with us all!


sohobutterfly said...

Maybe the crocs have BoSox charms on them??

Is it wrong that I love to critique Dice-K's wifey's outfits?

karmardav said...

I have actually seen Red Sox crocs - official gear. I'm pretty sure that's what they are wearing! (By the way - came here via Dan at Red Sox Monster; I'll try to remember to stop in more often!)