Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Not a Re-Tweet, but a Re-Post

If any of you are on Twitter, you know about the phenomenon which is an "RT" or "Re-Tweet" - basically you just copy what another person tweeted about and give them credit back to their user name. It's a great way to get your blog posts, white papers and other interesting information passed around the Social Media Circus.....I mean Circuit.

Anyway - I want to play off of that and "RP" or "Re-Post" a blog posting I read this morning from The Joy of Sox. Honestly, I loved this post and think as many people as possible should read it. Should The Joy of Sox want me to remove it...I will gladly do so.

The original blog post may be found here:

Schadenfreude 64 (A Continuing Series)

Special Los Angeles Angels Edition!

John Lackey:
It's way different than last year. We are way better than they are. We lost to a team not as good as us. ... The last two days, we shouldn't have given up anything. ... I want to throw somebody through a wall. ...

[On Sunday] they scored on a pop fly they called a hit, which is a joke. [On Monday], they score on a broken-bat ground ball and a fly ball anywhere else in America [except in Fenway Park]. And [Pedroia's] fist-pumping on second like he did something great.
Some comments:


2. You ought to be angry at your second baseman who should have caught the ball, but stopped running and watched it fall in front of your center fielder. (Is he saying the official scorer's ruling was a "joke" and calling out Kendrick and Hunter? If so, that's extra fun. Hit or error, your guys blew it, and allowed the runs to score.)

3. You won the game in which that pop fly was hit.

4. Your team is playing in Fenway Park. Pitch accordingly, i.e., don't throw fat, hanging curves to a guy who might win the AL MVP award.

5. I'll bet your teammates didn't appreciate the pity party you threw on the mound whenever they did something that was not to your liking. Torii Hunter was screaming and celebrating whenever he did anything positive. Figgins practically did a dance on third base after his triple, and your whole fucking team whined and cried for the entire series. You losers could give Kevin Youkilis pointers on bitching.

6. You won 100 games, but you are not as good a team as you think you are. Based on your runs scored and runs allowed, your expected record was 88-74 -- five games worse than the Blue Jays.

8. Your team's .200 average (8-for-40) with runners in scoring position, your multiple blunders on the basepaths, ineptitude in the field, refusal to take pitches and work the count, and your irrational habit of giving up outs sealed your defeat to a stronger all-around team. Enjoy your winter.


Torii Hunter:
I'm pissed off. I'm upset. This one's going to be with me for a while. It doesn't feel good, because we're a better team than they are.
Perhaps watching some TV would relax you. Here are some shows that will be on soon:
Oct. 10 - Red Sox at Rays, 8:30
Oct. 11 - Red Sox at Rays, 8:00
Oct. 13 - Rays at Red Sox, 4:30
Oct. 14 - Rays at Red Sox, 8:00
Oct. 16 - Rays at Red Sox, 8:00
Oct. 18 - Red Sox at Rays, 4:30
Oct. 19 - Red Sox at Rays, 8:00

Joel Sherman, Post:
The Yankees stopped playing more than a week ago and yet their season keeps getting worse.

If you think that is impossible, then just consider the following:

1. The two teams that outplayed them in the AL East both clinched Division Series yesterday. ...

2. The Yanks still might have to deal with this World Series: the Red Sox vs. the Joe Torre Dodgers. That will make the attack of midges that helped drive them from the playoffs last year seem like thousands of kisses. ...

3. Seven of the eight starters expected to work in the ALCS will be 28 or younger. ... [T]he Red Sox and Rays are not only fighting to reach the 2008 World Series, but already are ahead of the Yankees for 2009. ...

4. It must gall the Yanks that the Red Sox can handle the Angels, but they cannot. ... Against the Yanks, Aybar not only would have gotten down the bunt, but the Yanks then would have thrown the ball away, setting up the Angels for an insurance run, as well. ...

The Yanks sit at home. Their season done. Yet their season keeps getting worse and worse.

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