Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rocky Mountain Low

As of right now, the Helton deal isn't going to work out. No big deal. The Sox didn't NEED him, he just would have rounded out a KILLER offense (well, if everyone stayed healthy). What really s*cks about the whole thing played out. The media may say there are no hard feelings between the Rockies and the Sox, but common. There was already bad blood because of the Larry Bigbie deal that never happened. And now:

"This is Todd Helton we're talking about," Rockies owner
Charlie Monfort told the Associated Press today. "We're not just
going to give him up for nothing".

To that I say:

Dear Mr. Monfort,

Todd Helton is a great baseball player, but lets face the facts. He's past his prime. He is not a baseball God. In fact we'd be giving up two strong players in both Mike Lowell and Julian Tavarez for your one, Mr. Helton. To insist they are nothing is a slap in the face not only to them, but to the Red Sox as an organization and to RSN.

You say that you need to build up young talent? You're right, you do. As does every other team in MLB. So trading Helton for young prospects benefits us this year, maybe the next year....but you for years in the future. Why would we do that? We don't play for the short term strategy. You stated Mike and Julian can help you in the short term, but you need more. Ummm....right.
You're asking the Sox to do something you publicly stated you wouldn't. I don't get it.

Moreover, Dear Mr. Monfort - there was no need to leak Lowell and Tavarez's name to the media. Now, not only are their egos bruised by your "nothing" comment but the Sox are going to have to smooth over their relationships with these two players. We were trying to make a deal with your struggling organization. Baseball is business to the front office, right? We weren't playing gossip trash-talk with the media.

Please get over yourself, and try not to come in last in the NL West this year.

Soxy Lady


And as for all of this Schill Thrill talk, here's the way I see it. Curt, I love you dearly, but you won't get a contract before the 2007 season even starts. Let's see you go out there, knock 'em dead a while and then draft something up. If you've still got the goods, we want you back. I love to hear you say you wouldn't go to NY if things don't work out with the Sox next season. Stick to your word, Schill - if you don't your political career in MA is dead before it even started.

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Kaylee said...

I loved those words by schilling too Hope he sticks to it and does not go to the yankees:)

IF he does,he will REGRET it:)

As for the helton deall I agree why leak the names?!?!?!?!What value do you get out of that?I hope they do get last place in the nL west!:)