Friday, January 26, 2007

Moved on Over

I'm back to blogger.

I started my Soxy Lady blog over on because, frankly, blogger annoys me a lot. But I found the functionality over there was lacking too. I liked the site previews they showed when you would mouse over a link but that wasn't enough to keep me there in the end.

So here I am, I moved over most of my posts. And by most of them, I mean I left out all of the posts about the Patriots. We don't need to relive that, right?! Especially when:

Free Countdown Clocks at


The Wife Icon said...

Sarah, this is SO COOL. I was going through old posts on my blog today and saw an old comment from your and your name was highlighted with a link. So I clicked and ended up here! Can I link you from my blog? I love it!

KAYLEE said...

Hwy I love the red sox i alsio love your blog:) can I also link you on my blog?