Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010 Red Sox At-Bat Songs

Hey Red Sox fans! It's time to build the list of the 2010 Red Sox At-Bat and player entrance songs.

I'm going to need some help, so please email me at soxylady33 {at} gmail {dot} com with any updates!!! The list is looking pretty pathetic right now.

Position Players
Adrian Beltre # 29 - Unknown, but sounds like it possibly could have been a Daddy Yankee song?
Mike Cameron # 23 - Forever by Drake
J.D. Drew # 7 - No song!
Jacoby Ellsbury # 2 - Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolph ft. Lil Wayne
Bill Hall # 22 - Unknown
Jeremy Hermida # 32 - Unknown
Mike Lowell # 25 - Unconfirmed Iron Man by Black Sabboth or Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine
Victor Martinez # 41 - Unknown Latin Song
David Ortiz # 34 - Unknown Latin Song
Dustin Pedroia # 15 - Unknown Song by Dr. Dre, wasn't Dre Day possibly The Next Episode
Marco Scutaro # 16 - No Song!
Jason Varitek # 33 - Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
Kevin Youkilis # 20 - Just a Friend by Biz Markie

Scott Atchison # 48 - Heartland by George Strait
Daniel Bard # 51 - Strangle Hold by Ted Nugent
Josh Beckett # 19 - Unconfirmed Rock Star by Nickelback or Living Hard by Gary Alan
Clay Buchholz # 11 - Unknown
Manny Delcarmen # 17 - (I'm From) Boston - MAV Entertainment (Anyone know where to get this track?)
John Lackey # 40 - Crazy Town by Jason Aldean
Jon Lester # 31 - Unconfirmed I Use What I Got by Jason Aldean
Daisuke Matsuzaka #18 (when he returns) - Unconfirmed The Next Door by Exile
Hideki Okajima # 37 - Unconfirmed Okajima-Oki-doke by Mr. Yoshie
Jonathan Papelbon # 58 - Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys
Ramon Ramirez # 56 - Unknown
Scott Schoeneweis # 60 - Unconfirmed It's a Fight by Three 6 Mafia (not sure this is right after hearing the song again)
Tim Wakefield # 49 - Unconfirmed How Bad Do You Want It? by Tim McGraw

Fenway Park Songs
Before the Game - Cheers Theme Song
Middle of the 8th Inning - Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Pitcher Meeting On The Mound (by Opposing Team) - Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin
Pitcher/Catcher Meeting - Theme from the Odd Couple
Ground Rule Double (by Sox) - Brass Bonanza
Walk (Sox player on base) - Walk This Way by Aerosmith
Homerun (by Sox) -
Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation or Boom, Boom, Boom by The Outhere Brothers
Extra Innings - Time Is Tight by Booker T & The MGs
After a Sox Win - Dirty Water by the Standells
After Dirty Water - Tessie by Dropkick Murphys
After Tessie - Joy to the World by Three Dog Night
After a Sox Loss - (on the organ) Goonight Sweetheart by The Spaniels and (on the organ) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles
Other songs:
Vertigo by U2
Gimme the Bassline by Torpedo Boyz

Here are the lists to my:
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2009 Red Sox At-Bat Songs


Anonymous said...

Mike Cameron's song is Drake- Forever.

Soxy Lady said...

Thanks Ashley!!!!!

MassholeSports said...

interesting stuff. I had a debate with someone recently who told me that Pedro Martinez would come out to "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. You should try and find PAST entrance song so I can win the debate!

Soxy Lady said...

I remember he used to use a lot of Latin/Salsa music. I'll try and find out for sure so you can settle the debate. The only thing I have been able to find from the past (besides what I have posted) is here:

I do wonder why the Red Sox chose the Phil Collins song on opening day, though. Need to do some digging....

Anonymous said...

hi, i believe the homerun song is actually "Boom Boom Boom" and not what you have listed.

Piney said...

*Jon Lester has some unknown country song
*Manny Delcarmen has some Creed song or something like that. I think it was the one he had in 07
*After the Red Sox lose, I think they play "Goodnight Sweetheart" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" on the organ
*I think Okajima has something different this year

Anonymous said...

oh, and beckett didn't come out to nickelback, it was more country-ish

Anonymous said...

Tek came up to bat with kryptonite last night

Anonymous said...

i just called the sox and they said pedroia's was the next episode by dr.dre but i dont think it is im going thursday so ill get some down and i also emailed the sox

Soxy Lady said...

Anon: re: Boom, Boom, Boom.
I know for sure they still play Zombie Nation at least after some of the homeruns, because they did after Scutaro.
It is possible Boom, Boom, Boom is another alternative. Is it the version by Outhere Brothers?

Thanks everyone!

andrew said...

got this from the sox

Ellsbury - "Let It Rock", Kevin Rudolf (f. Lil' Wayne)
Pedroia - "G'D Up", Snoop Dogg f. Tha Eastsidaz
Youkilis - "Just A Friend", Biz Markie
Ortiz - "All Eyez On Me", Tupac; "Get Up Get Out", Outkast; "I Get Money" & "Man Down", 50 Cent
Lowell - "London Calling", The Clash
Drew - (no music)
Martinez - four different tracks, artists & titles unknown
Varitek - "Kryptonite", 3 Doors Down
Cameron - "Forever", Drake; "A Star Is Born", Jay-Z
Beltre - "Dejalé Caer To El Peso", Yomo
Hermida - "Back To The Hotel", N2deep
Hall - "Over", Drake; "Diamonds Is Forever", Jay-Z
Reddick - "Backwoods", Justin Moore; "Metalingus", Alter Bridge
Lowrie - "The Kids Aren't Alright", Offspring
McDonald - none yet
Scutaro - none yet


Beckett - "Living Hard", Gary Allan
Lester - "I Use What I Got", Jason Aldean
Lackey - "Crazy Town", Jason Aldean
Wakefield - "How Bad Do You Want It?", Tim McGraw
Buchholz - "This Town", O.A.R.
Matsuzaka - "My Time", Fabolous
Delcarmen - "Stand Here With Me", Creed
Okajima - "Oki-Doki", Tatami
Ramirez - "Lucha", Nancy Amancio
Bard - "Strangle Hold", Ted Nugent
Papelbon - "I'm Shipping Up To Boston", Dropkick Murphys
Atchison - "Heartland", George Strait
Schoenweis - "This Is War", 30 Seconds 2 Mars
Bonser - none yet

dirtdog21 said...

Scutaro used "Gold Digger" by Kanye West Thursday night

Rae said...

I was at Fenway last Saturday for the fake double header & I'm basically 100% positive Lowell is using The Clash "London Calling" this year

Ryan said...

I can confirm a couple of these:

Lester's is indeed the Jason Aldean song

Beckett uses Gary Allan's Living Hard

Clay Buchholz' song is This Town by O.A.R.

Lowell now uses Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Home Run songs include Zombie Nation, Sandstorm, and Boom Boom Boom (by the Outhere brothers)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Pete Abraham tweeted today that Lowell's music is "London Calling" by The Clash.

Christopher said...

what is darnell mcdonalds intro?

Anonymous said...

Lowell comes out the "London Calling" by the Clash

Anonymous said...

David Ortiz is coming up to "All I Do is Win" by T-Pain

J.D. Drew is coming up to "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre

Darnel McDonald is coming up to "All The Above" by Maino

Marco Scutaro is coming up to "I Made It" by Kevin Rudolph

Melanie said...

during a rain delay the red sox sometimes play "hoover dam' by sugar.

Anonymous said...

David Ortiz's song in "All I Do is Win" by DJ Khaled. Do you know Daniel Nava's walk up song?

rob said...

Flame ft. Lecrae and John Reilly - Joyful Noise

Daniel Nava's song

Anonymous said...

the red sox bullpen pirates come out to "he's a pirate" from pirates of the caribbean.they did against the mariners during game one of the double header on august 25th,2010.

Anonymous said...

I went to the last game of the season last year and afterwards I heard "Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard" by the Red Sox organist.

I would love to get a copy of that!!