Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomar Gives Me Warm Fuzzies

By now you've all heard the news that Nomar Garciaparra will be retiring as a member of the 2010 Red Sox organization.

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Reports say he will be signing a one-year, minor league contract with the Red Sox organization and then announce he will be taking a job with ESPN as a baseball analyst.

Now....there are a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head (and I'm sure some of them could be answered if I just waited 15 minutes to listen to the press conference...but that would be logical...)
  • Nomar (reportedly) had a tumultuous relationship with the city of Boston (towards the end). He didn't like all of the attention, he didn't like all of the press and he didn't always love the Red Sox - so why here, why now? I know he started his career here, that he played his best here, that he was LOVED here. I just want to know if he's being sincere, or pulling a PR stunt? edit: after watching the press conference I feel he was sincere in really wanting to end his career in the same uniform he wore when he started it. in fact, it was the most sincere i've seen nom-ay in a long time and it was awesome to see him look so happy! One little gripe though Noooommmaaahhhhhh, you are retiring as a member of the Red Sox, not as a Red Sock. We are Red Sox Nation, not Red Sock Nation. Still love ya, man.
  • If he signs a one-day deal with a MINOR LEAGUE team affiliated with the Red Sox, won't the hat he wears during his press conference be a SeaDog, or a "P" or something? And not that it really matters, but don't we all want to see him in a Red Sox hat? My brother assures me that the genious behind Red Sox PR will already have this figured out...edit: so no uni at the press is yet to be determined what will happen. I guess they toned down the PR aspect of it - in that respect. But man, I really wanted to see him with a "B" on his head.
  • Will Nomah coming back and ending his baseball legacy with the team where he was a five-time All-star end the curse of the SS as we have come to know it?
  • Is there any way he can find a way to sneak onto the DL for one last day? (Ok, ok no hate mail, I kid!!!)
I, of course, am happy this is taking place. I had a love-hate relationship (mostly love) with the former Cape Cod League Baseball Player but I do think his final career-resting place should be with the Sox. He was, for so many years, the face of the Red Sox. I don't think any true Sox fan is happy with the way things went down in 2004 (although the outcome was, of course, very favorable that season!) Now he'll get a proper "goodbye" from Red Sox Nation...especially when he throws out the first pitch on opening day*

Nomahhhh - I wish you the best!

Some of my fellow bloggers who are honoring Nomah:
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*I totally made this up, but wouldn't it be amazing?! Come back to this post if it actually happens so I can say, "See! I totally called that!"

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