Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To Catch a Thief (or Thieves)

Getting your purse stolen really sucks.

You know what sucks just as much, if not more? When you have video of the thieves rummaging through your wallet and trying to use your debit card but they are still at large!

Yep, that's the case in my situation. The asshats were caught on video, however the police have been unable to ID them. ARGH!

Being the squeaky wheel I am, I didn't want to just leave things as is. Come on, these people are on tape! Somebody HAS to know who they are!

Dear Loyal (or first time) readers of SoxyLady,

My life has severely disrupted by these low-life pieces of scum. Not only did they steal my new Coach Bag, my George, Gina & Lucy Wallet, my passport, my money, my checks, MY PRIDE, they stole my faith in people...again.

Somebody out there has to know who they are. I'm not asking you to be a rat on your friends or family members. I'm asking you to help us ID these people so they don't steal from me, you, or your grandmother again.

You don't need to give me their name and address, I'm just asking you to drop an anonymous tip to the police detective (Detective Orta
(781) 314-3600 x 3555) on the case. I'm offering a reward. I could give it to you through the police department, or directly if you want to tell me who you are.

Here are the details. The scene of the crime was the Beaver Brook Reservation in Belmont, MA. It just so happens the parking of the Reservation is in Waltham, MA so those are the officers/detective I have been working with. The thieves tried to use my card in Cambridge, MA. If you live in or around any of these areas (or know somebody who does) please take a look at the pictures and let me or the detective know if you have any idea who these people are.

I will be forever thankful.

Pictures and information have been posted on the Mass Most Wanted Website.


Lisa said...

I can't fathom that NO ONE KNOWS THESE PEOPLE.

Seriously, purchase a display ad in the globe, herald, and a local paper (cambridge, waltham, watertown, belmont - one or all of those) - put these photos in it with the pertinent info. Be sure to mention that there is a reward. THAT should get you results.

J said...

Wow, this makes me SO ANGRY! I hope they catch these people and that you get a crack at them. What a-holes!!

Take heart, honey. Think of it this way - time to go purse and wallet shopping! XOXOXO

Tony Schinella said...

Hi Soxy Lady,

We have posted your blog post on our blog. I hope this helps to catch the alleged perps.

Tony Schinella

Editor, Belmont Citizen-Herald