Thursday, September 11, 2008

Faith Rewarded

No, I'm not talking about the video of the historic 2004 Red Sox.

I'm referring to something which has happened since my last blog post. In that post I mentioned how the low-lives who stole my purse, also stole my faith in people.

Since then I've received some really nice comments and emails. One of which was from Tony Schinella the Editor of the Belmont Citizen-Herald.

I'm not sure how Mr. Schinella found my blog post, but he posted it on a Belmont Blog. You can see his post, Do you know these suspects? here.

It's little gestures like these which may help catch my purse-stealing lucifers.

Thank you, Mr. Schinella and everyone else out there trying to help me - whether you know me or not. You are restoring my faith in people.

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