Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update to Stolen Purse Drama

It's been about a week since my purse was stolen at Beaver Brook Reservation in Belmont/Waltham, MA. In that time I've received my new Debit Card and New Credit Card. I still don't have my new license (it was my temporary license which was stolen...I applied for my new one on July 18th). I'm still not able to report my passport stolen, because you need a valid form of ID and I don't have one - thanks to the slow ass RMV.

The detective has pulled the ATM tape from Bank of America and there are two thieves. A mother effing male AND female. I don't know why that makes my blood boil, but it sure as hell does. Some hussy is walking around with my new coach bag and my brand new George Gina and Lucy Wallet. The detective was not able to ID the thieves but the tape will be passed on to area police departments to see if anyone is able to. If they can't, I need to find out next steps. I cannot let this go. It's on now you mother effers!!!


s1c said...

When you said the cops were able to pull the ATM tape I was hoping to read that they had nabbed them.

Sorry about the loss.

(oh, yeah, happy nuptials belatedly)

Soxy Lady said...

Thanks :o)

Yeah - I was hoping he got them too. So far, no luck. Argh.