Friday, August 1, 2008

Dear Jason Bay,

Welcome to Boston!

I think we'll get along famously. Sure, it may take some time - I just broke up with someone after almost 8 years of a love-hate relationship, but we'll get there. I'm confident.

How exciting that you played on the Cape League in '99? Do you realize how many of your new teammates also shared in that experience?

  • Jason Varitek (Hyannis in '91 and '93)
  • Mike Lowell (Chatham (your former team!) in '94)
  • Javier Lopez (Falmouth '97)
  • Kevin Cash (Falmouth '99)
  • Kevin Youkilis (Bourne '00)
  • David Aardsma (Falmouth '02)
  • Sean Casey (Brewster '94)
  • Jacoby Ellsbury (Falmouth '04)
  • Justin Masterson (Wareham '05)
Too bad you didn't get here a few days earlier - on July 30th the Red Sox honored this year's Cape League All Star players on the field. Casey and Masterson handed out plaques. It was great.

I love that you grew up wearing a Sox onesie, had a Yaz and Rice poster on your wall and loved the atmosphere of Fenway Park when you played here in '05.

Bucks fans say you took yourself a little too seriously at times, but I think you can let loose when you need to.

(photo courtesy of Blindspot1330)

Maybe you'll join in with the fans tonight, as they sing Sweet Caroline. Maybe you'll walk around wearing this new Tshirt...

...or send one to your friend Nady as a joke. Whatever you do - go out there, play hard and have fun.

Let's catch a Pearl Jam show next time they're in town, k?


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