Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Blogapalooza-Sized Boston Sports Give-Away!!!!!

You've read about Blogapalooza on my blog more than once. I've promised to write about some of the awesome bloggers, vendors and people I met there and I'm going to make good on that promise in the coming weeks. Today, however, I'm going to do one better. I'm not only going to write about some of the vendors but I'm also going to host my VERY FIRST SOXY LADY BLOG GIVE-AWAY!!!!!

I'm going to be giving away* a package of 5 awesome prizes in honor of Cinco De May0 and Nomar Day at Fenway Park.

All you need to do is either blog, Tweet or Facebook about this give-away. Once you have done that, leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog/Tweet/Facebook status** and you're entered! If you do all three then you are entered three times :) Make sure you leave your contact information in your comment, or email it to me at soxylady33 {at} gmail {dot} com.

You have until midnight on May 12th to enter. The winner will be announced on my blog on Thursday, May 13th.

The first prize comes from Sportsnecks. Sports jewelry made in the USA! These adorable baseball charms are perfect for the female sports fan in your life.

The winner will have their choice of one of the following:

  • A ball and bat charm on a silver chain or red chain
  • A glove and ball charm on a black chain
  • A white baseball on a silver chain
  • A pink baseball on a silver chain

(image courtesy of

The second prize comes from BottomLine Apparel. These Boston Sports shirts are fun and made on quality T-shirts. If you purchase Bottom Line's "Yoouuk" T-shirt $5 is donated to the Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids charity. I'm wearing mine to the game tonight!!

The T-shirt you will win is size L and one of my favorites!

(image courtesy of

The third prize comes from those Supah people over at They sell Boston sports T-shirts, stickers and more!

The sticker you will win is a must-have for any Red Sox fan! Place it on your car, your notebook, your forehead (heh)

(image courtesy of

The fourth prize is a coupon for one free ticket to any home Brockton Rox game! You'll have a chance to experience professional baseball at a fraction of the price of the major-league team.

The ticket is not assigned to any seat, so for $5 bring a friend or family member!

(image courtesy of the Brockton Rox)

The fifth prize is really 3-in-1. You will win a pair of Wachusett Brewing Company coasters and a Wachusett Brewing Company bottle opener.

This MA-based brewery offers tours and has a store where you can fill 1/2 gallon growlers with their beer!! Bring it home and enjoy :)

(image courtesy of

All of these companies were represented in one way or another at the first-ever Blogapalooza. I want to thank them for these awesome prizes and hope you enjoy them!

Best of luck on winning!

*Dear, FTC: These prizes were all donated to me either to be part of a SoxyLady giveaway, or as a "door prize" at Boston Sports Blogapalooza.

**To link to the exact Tweet you posted on Twitter, click on the time stamp after the Tweet has been submitted and send me that link. To link to the Facebook status just tag me @SoxyLady in your message! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Jeff Docherty said...

Pleased to say I have Tweeted, Facebooked, and posted on my Blog about your giveaway! Glad to spread the "Soxy Lady" love to my friends!

Here are the links:



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Thanks for all the great sports articles...I love your site!

You can contact me via my website at:

Have a great day!


Jeff Docherty said...

I'm afraid I gave the wrong Twitter link. I have read your instructions and here's the direct Twitter link:

I have added @SoxyLady to my FaceBook post...not sure how that links up with you but it's the first thing on my wall right now.

My website (blog) remains the same. Sorry for the mixup.



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Hey LADY!!
I did what you asked, posted on FB!
And I'll take the large! LOL!

Keep up the great work!
Becky Warren-Cooley

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I tweeted & facebooked it!