Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changes Coming to SoxyLady!!!

Over the next few months expect to see some changes over here at SoxyLady. We're getting an overhaul, a self-hosted domain, some new writers, new focus....a lot of exciting stuff. Now is your chance to let us know what YOU want to see on this site, we just might take you up on it and send you a thank-you gift.

The first change I'm going to announce is a writer who has joined the Soxy family! Erin aka eMouse is the amazing artist who brought us such greats as "Darth Jeter" and "Emperor Steinbrenner"

I asked eMouse a few questions in effort to let you get to know her a little bit.

SL: I know you've been a Sox fan practically since birth, what is your earliest Sox memory?
eM: My earliest Sox memory is ironically hearing about my big brother's first trip to Fenway.  I wasn't included on that trip.  Dad says it was because they sat in the bleachers, and that was no place for a little girl.  Of course, my brother's lasting impression of that event was seeing a drunk female flash the crowd and "having to pee in the sink". Of course, I'm referring to the infamous old urinal trough in  Fenway.
SL: Were you disappointed the first time you went to Fenway and realized girls didn't have to "pee in the sink?"
eM: No, I was definitely not disappointed at not having the sink-peeing option.  My first trip didn't come until 1995.  I couldn't tell you who was pitching that night.  I was more interesting in taking in the park for the first time.
SL: Of all of the changes that have taken place in Fenway Park over the years, what has been your favorite/least favorite?
eM: Hmmm, I think my favorite would be the monster seats, though I've never had the privilege of sitting up there.  It just enhances one of the park's most famous quirks in an awesome way.  My least favorite would have to be the seats in section 33 that they swapped out during last year's renovations. They're uncomfortable, they get smaller as they get closer to the wall, and they somehow managed to situate two of my parents' season ticket seats behind the same pole.
SL: Obligatory question, who is your favorite Sox player, past or present? 
eMouse: Y'know, Nomah was my first love, but I think I'm going to have to go with Papi.  He's got as much class as he's got game, and his smile could light up the park at night.  Attitude is very important, and Papi's got the right kind.
SL: What one thing do you want the readers of SoxyLady to know about your love of the Red Sox? 
eM: It is real.  I love the Red Sox and Red Sox Nation.  I even love Yankees fans, in the same way a puppy loves an expensive leather shoe.
SL: Hahahahahaha, there comes some of that personality and fiestyness you're so famous for!
SL: One of my friends said today "Times have changed - my six year old thinks I'm joking when I tell him the Yankees used to beat the Red Sox all the time.." Those kids are lucky. At the same time, what do you say about pink hats who don't know the true pain of being a Red Sox fan? They aren't six years old...they should know better. Or do you think enough time has passed since 2004 that those pink hats should now be given a pass of being a true red sox fan? 
eM: I wouldn't give pink hats a true fan pass.  I'm sick of the pink hats who are just at games because it's the popular place to be.
SL: I suck at interviewing. Let's play a lightening round.....
SL: Fenway Franks or Italian sausages? 
eM: Sausages
SL: Don or Jerry? 
eM: Jerry
SL: Curveball: Damon or Clemens? 
eM: [I hate] Damon more
SL:Dirty Water or Sweet Caroline?
eM: Dirty Water (tough one)
SL: Dirty Water or Shipping Up To Boston? 
eM: Dropkicks win that round
SL: Curveball: ESPN or FOX
eM: ESPN...Fox {censored} {censored}
SL: Haha, ok. Soft serve ice cream in a mini sox helmet or fried dough?
eM: Soft serve in the helmet
SL: God Bless America in the 7th - yay or nay?
eM: Yay. Definitely yay. Please strrrrrrrrrretch and remove your caps for this evening's rendition of "God Bless America"
SL: Beckett or Pedro?
eM: Pedro, no questions
SL: Pardon the sexist girly question, but I gotta ask...[Babe] Kaplers abs or Variteks @ss?
eM: Kapler's abs, hahahaha
SL: Papelbon or Foulke?
eM: Papelbon. Didn't care for Foulke's attitude towards the end. He said he didn't even like baseball! WTF?
SL: Youk - beard or no beard?
eM: No beard! But have you seen him with just a mustache? He looks like Sgt. Slaughter. Fitting, no?
SL: I was thinking Buzz Lightyear
eM: You're're on Google Images right now looking up Sgt. Slaughter, aren't you? 
SL: Booing players, yay or nay?
eM: NAY!
SL: Bigger dirt dog, Nixon or Pedroia?
eM: Nixon, I used the snot rocket statistics to break the know, Nixon had more instances of snot rockets and nose picking on camera. I couldn't decide otherwise just based on diving catches and scrap.
SL: Ha! On that note, I think we've given readers a pretty good idea of who you are. I can't wait to read your posts, they're sure to entertain!
Stay tuned.......


Melissa aka The Wife Icon said...

awesome interview! can't wait to see all the changes! :)

Anonymous said...

Would love to submit from time to time. Big red sox fan living in Toronto. :) also a Bruins fan. Drop me a line? :)