Friday, April 4, 2008

A-Rod Attacked By Hawk at Fenway Park

Although the red-tailed hawk might have been a little "attacked" middle school student Alexa Rodriquez, not Red Sox foe Alex Rordriguez of the New York Yankees. Still, the irony is not lost to all of us in RSN. had some great pictures of the "hawk attack" and even shared a little known fact:

Construction workers said they know of three hawks that live in the park, and that the birds are often seen eating rats and mice.
Aww lovely.

Apparently Ms. A-Rod was not the only person riled by the Hawk. WBZTV reports a WBZ photographer was also attacked.

Luckily nobody has been seriously injured as a result, and a wave of laughter has spread through RSN.

For those wildlife friends - Boston Animal Rescue League removed the nest and the egg. And fear not if you're going to a game this season - the crowds will likely scare the Hawks away during the games.

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