Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Red Sox Players - Red Sox Rolling Rally Parade Pictures

Well, I had lofty expectation of editing all of my great pictures and "wow-ing" you with them, but work and life get in the way and I think the most important thing, at this point, is to get my pictures out to all of you who weren't able to be there.

I'm going to "attempt" to post my favorite pictures, but truth be told it's SO HARD to find a "favorite" when the whole lot of them put a smile on my face. You already saw my sign pics, so here are the players/team pictures I have :o)

Tom and Larry sure look happy!
Thumbs Up! Tom and Larry

Here comes Theo (to chants of "Re-sign Lowell! Re-sign Lowell!")

Will John Farrell be back next year?
Is he grooming Tek to be the next pitching coach?


Curt (and his son) with the World Series Trophy!
Schilling and the World Series Trophy

JOHNNY, please don't call me Mr. Pesky!
Johnny Pesky!

Dustin Pedroia joining in on the crowd's chants of "YOUK!"
(who is hidden behind Pedroia) while Hinske takes video on his cell phone.


John Lester video taping the crowd

Lester and Dice! Notice the Dragon looking Red Sox thing on the bottom!

The Bullpen Band, complete with drums! Did anybody really see Gagne there?

OKIE DOKE! (With the beginning of the Papelbon series on the bottom left)

Play that funky "leg" White Boy!

Cigar Celebration (That's Timlin's back to the left of Paps)

I can't hear you!

"YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" - I'm a little disappointed though. Beckett PROMISED to dance with Paps if we won the World Series, and we did. So far no confirmation on that actually taking place!

Bobby Kielty (who we later saw at Longhorns with his family!) and JD Drew

Papi! He was pointing to the shaved head (with a Red Sox Logo) of Royce Clayton* and saying "This is what it's all about! This is what it's all about!" *Ok, I don't know if it's Royce Clayton because I didn't see his face but that's who I'm guessing it was.

Papi and the Dominican Flag!

Manny! He said "I need some Crown Royal!" and then invited everyone
back to his place for a party and said that Boston is the
place to be and that they have the best fans and he loves us. Awww Manny.


I love it when you call me Big Papi!!

O Captain, My Captain TEK!
O' Captain My Captain!

Two of Tek's adorable daughters

Lugo and MVP Mike Lowell who arrived to
chants of "MVP! MVP!" by the way, these pink hats are ok!
Cora and our MVP!!!

The voice of Fenway Park, Carl Beane, and Joe Castiglione
Carl Beane - The Voice of Fenway Park (Center) and Joe Castiglione

Confetti in the Air

The Crowd - looking down Boylston

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw GagMe from my side of the street. I can't remember whether my camera did something funky or I just didn't bother to waste memory on taking his picture...all I remember is Uncletombiscoedad saying "Boy, he's got a lot of brass, showing up today. We should've ended the season 5 games ahead of the Yankees."
I'll upload my pictures asap, but like you said, work is really in the way. Especially since we all took an unscheduled day off! However, I am clearly not too busy to check in with your blog to see if you posted your pictures ;O)

monsieur seb said...

hi there, your blog is pretty cool... go sox. my girlfriend and i happened to be driving down to boston from montreal as the sox were winning game four of the world series. it was amazing to be there amongst all the craziness, we were already pulling for the red sox, and being at the rally made full-fledged fans out of us, i think. this roadtrip changed our lives.

anyway, i posted a few pictures of the rally from where we were standing: